How To Undo On iPad (And Redo) Using The Virtual Keyboard

We show you how to undo on iPad using the virtual keyboard undo and redo keys to quickly revert your last action -- it's an easy and intuitive way to go back on iPad and works just like Ctrl+Z on your Windows PC). You can also use the Shake to Undo feature; we'll show you how.

As discussed in our how to undo on iPhone article, Apple has created an ingenious method to quickly and easily undo on your iPhone by giving your device a quick shake using the Shake To Undo feature. This solves the issue of holding down the backspace key on the virtual keyboard, and it works perfectly well on the iPad as well. However, shaking a larger device like an iPad is a little cumbersome. In this post we’ll show you how to undo on iPad in a way that’s easier on a bigger screen using the virtual keyboard.

As with Shake to Undo, the built-in (though slightly hidden) undo key on the virtual keyboard will save you time and frustration by allowing you to undo the clip of text what you just wrote, giving you fresh slate. And if you have a smaller iPad and prefer Shake to Undo, we’ll show you how to undo on iPad with that method as well:

  • How To Undo on iPad using the Virtual Undo and Redo Keys
  • How To Undo on iPad using Shake To Undo

How To Undo on iPad using the Virtual Undo and Redo Keys

The virtual Undo and Redo keys will work with any iPhone application in which you enter text with the keyboard. There may also other apps that allow you to use keyboard undo or redo with actions such as placing an image in a document for example, but undoing text input is the universal and most useful application of the feature. Here’s how to find the dedicated undo/redo keys on the iPad keyboard:

  1. Access the Undo key by tapping the 123 key to switch the keyboard into numeric mode. You should see Undo key in the lower-left corner of the virtual keyboard.

(Click for magnified view.)

  1. The way you access the Redo key is a little different. First, tap the 123 key to switch the keyboard into numeric mode, and then tap on the #+= key. You should see Redo key in the lower-left corner of the keyboard.

(Click for magnified view.)

The keys will also work with text that you’ve pasted in — it will clear the text back to the point right before the last change you made, so whether you are trying to figure out how to undo something that pasted in, entered text, or a corrected spelling mistake, it will take you back to right before that action. You can continue tap the key times to undo multiple times.

How To Undo on iPad using Shake To Undo

If you don’t mind shaking a larger device, you can use use the Shake to Undo on the iPad just like on the iPhone (for more information on that, see our how to undo on iPhone article here). You can also shake to redo entering text that you’ve deleted accidentally.

  1. Type something using the virtual keyboard, voice-to-text, or pasting.
  2. Physically shake your device.
  3. Tap Undo.

(Click for magnified view.)

And, to Shake to Redo on your iPad:

  1. Physically shake your device.
  2. Tap Redo Typing.

(Click for magnified view.)
You can also keep shaking your iPad to undo text multiple times if you need.

How to Disable Shake to Undo on iPad

You can disable shake to undo in your device’s settings if you prefer not to use the feature.

  1. Open the Settings ⚙ app on your iPad.
  2. Find and tap on General settings.
  3. Find and tap on Accessibility settings.
  4. Find and tap on Shake to Undo.
  5. Tap the toggle switch so that it switches from backlit green (enabled) to greyed out (disabled).

(Click for magnified view.)

Conclusion: So, How To Undo on iPad? Use The Virtual Keyboard.

If you want to know how to undo on other devices, check out the other articles on our site for more information. Happy undo-ing.